LUX Workflow Presets for Lightroom

 Lightroom Presets for bright, airy, film inspired images.
 Lightroom Presets for bright, airy, film inspired images.

LUX Workflow Presets for Lightroom

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These presets, for current versions of Adobe Lightroom, have been developed and edited over the last 4 years and are what is used on ALL Lux RAW files in my editing workflow. I have experimented countless times on what works best in 4 specific types of portrait lighting:

  • Backlight
  • Hazy Backlight
  • Open Shade
  • Direct Sun

The base presets included are divided into these 3 categories of lighting situations. However, each RAW file is not the same as every other, and each exposure may be different depending on the photographer. Therefore, you will need to adjust some of the settings accordingly.

As I shoot Nikon currently, these presets have been modified from their original version when I switched from Canon to Nikon. You may want to change them to your tastes if you shoot Canon or another format of RAW file.

These Lightroom presets WILL NOT WORK on jpg files. If you do use them on jpgs, the images will not look as intended.

Be aware that any Lightroom presets are not a replacement for proper exposure, or good light. A huge part of the look of Lux images is utilizing light in a certain way - if you would like mentoring on the subject of exposing and using light the way I do with my images, please contact me to set up a mentoring session. I would be more than happy to assist you in finding the light!

Included in your purchase of Lux Workflow Presets for Lightroom:

  • LUX BASE - Backlight
  • LUX BASE - Front Light Full Sun
  • LUX BASE - Hazy Backlight (extreme haze)
  • LUX BASE - Open Shade
  • 7 Contrast Fixes
  • 4 Midtone Fixes
  • 3 Highlight/Whites Adjustments
  • 3 Color & Saturation Fixes
  • 2 Split Toning Adjustments for warm images
  • 3 Alternative Matte Curves Adjustments
  • 3 Black & White BASE presets
  • 2 Corrective/Start Over presets

Please see Lux Presets page for before & after images!

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