Pre-Session Questionnaire

The first step in achieving beautiful senior portraits is getting to know a little more about you.

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

I appreciate it very much, Erin

Personality *
I am easy going/ relaxed in general
I am comfortable in front of a camera
I am excited about my senior session
I am nervous about my senior session
I want my personality to come out through my senior pictures
I don't care if my personality is shown in my pictures, I just want to look/feel fabulous
Goals *
I know exactly what I want/have a specific vision for my senior pictures
I prefer images captured in natural scenery
I prefer images captured in urban areas
I want more headshots in my gallery of images
I want more full body images in my gallery
I can show you visual examples of what I want for my senior session
Check all that you feel describe you: *
My example: going to see a movie with my family, eating at my favorite restaurant, and then hiking in the woods with our dogs & a good coffee in hand.
I know exactly what I want to wear for my session! *
Choose one!
I promise not to wax facial hair in the 3 days before my session. *
Trust me.
I promise not to get a spray tan before my session. *
It is impossible for the makeup artist to match, and looks orange in photographs.
I pledge not to come to my session with chipped nail polish on my hands or feet. *
This cannot be Photoshopped.
I will make sure to bring/wear undergarments that don't show through my clothing, and that if they do show, it is impossible to fix in post processing (Photoshop). *
Trying everything on before the session date is a good idea.
Please list any special requests in the text area below.