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Welcome to Part 1 of my "Where to Shop for Senior Portrait Outfits" series! I'll be featuring local Dayton boutiques that sell gorgeous clothing for your Lux Session!

I personally love to shop locally, I am a huge believer in supporting small businesses, and local Dayton businesses in particular. There is so much to offer here in Dayton, you just have to know where to look! 

First up in my blog series is Bloom, an adorable boutique located in Vandalia, not too far from the Dayton airport! Bloom is extremely fashion forward, and has a youthful, bohemian, clean and crisp feel to it. Their clothing has become very popular and they regularly ship orders to California, Canada, all sorts of places nowhere near Dayton, Ohio! Very cool!


I was immediately struck by how wonderfully put-together Bloom's interior is. All the clothing colors, textures and patterns flow very nicely and make you want to look through each item, exploring their selections for hours! I knew if I stuck around too long I would go broke! ;-)


The dainty gold rings pictured below were just my taste! I also loved all of the bracelets!


One of my favorite items that Bloom sells is their fleece lined leggings. They are very soft and cozy to wear during the cold Ohio months! Perfect with a tunic or long sweater! 

The decor inside Bloom is adorable! There are several home decor items for sale from Plain Jane. I wanted them all, of course....



350 W. National Rd. Vandalia, OH 45377



Well, I hope you visit Bloom and shop before your Lux Session! I am a huge fan! Their clothing photographs so well, and is very flattering! Don't forget to join me for Part 2 in this blog series later this month...


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