SEO Tips from a Photographer who's Ranked Number 1


Hey everyone! Today I thought I would blog my top 7 SEO tips even though I am about to broadcast them on Periscope for The Senior Scope too. I wanted to make sure that you all had a resource to come back to after the broadcast! And if you missed The Senior Scope, then even more reason to read this.

Now, noticing the title of this blog post, you may have deduced that I am ranked number 1 for my keywords that I know people in my area are searching for. I have held this rank for a couple of years now. There are a few reasons that I have been ranked #1, and I just want to give you a quick list right now, and later on I will blog and broadcast more in depth on each point.

1. My Domain Name

- As you can see, the words "senior photography" are actually part of my domain name! Obviously this is part of my business name, so it was a no-brainer, but you don't have to have "senior photography" in your business name to have it in your domain name.

- How about "" if you are located in St. Louis?

- What other ways could you implement part of your keywords into your domain name?

2. My Blog Post Titles

- Google ranks the first 3-5 words of a blog post title higher than the rest of the words in the title.

- Most of my blog posts are titled as follows: "Dayton, Ohio Senior Portraits - Jaclyn" or 

- "Dayton, Ohio Senior Photography - Ashley - Class of 2016" or

- "Dayton Senior Portraits - Sarah - OHS Class of 2016"

3. Write Great Content!

- Be very descriptive, and write as many actual WORDS as you can in each blog post, as well as in your About Me section, your Session Details section, etc. Google ranks words higher than images. DID YOU HEAR ME? We are photographers, so our images are number 1 in our book, but to Google, words are more important. Words can be assessed by Google to see if your site is actually relevant to searches people enter into their search bar.

- DO NOT stuff your writing with keywords, repeating them multiple times. This is called "keyword stuffing" and is something that will get you BLACKLISTED by search engines.

4. Title Your Images Properly

- As I stated above, Google ranks words higher than images. This is because Google "bots" can read words, but not tell what pictures are unless they are TOLD.

- An image titled "IMG-3267.jpg" is absolutely worthless to search engines.

- An image titled "dayton-ohio-senior-photography-riverscape-metropark.jpg" tells Google that the image is from Dayton, Ohio, involves senior photography, and was taken at the Riverscape Metropark.

- Don't forget to add Alt Tags to your images, as these tell people (and search engines) what the image is if they are using a screen reader (if they are blind or visually impaired). These show up as a tooltip when you hover over an image with your mouse.

5. Have a Responsive Website

- Responsive websites change with the size of the screen or device that you are viewing them on. They make sure that they are automatically sized best for the user experience to remain the same across all platforms.

- I use Squarespace to design and host my website because the templates on Squarespace are all responsive. I don't have to know any special code to make my site mobile friendly, it is done automatically for me!

- Google and other search engines are actually starting to ding your site down a few notches for not being responsive. (Hello Flash sites that can't be viewed on Apple devices!)

6. Engage on Social Media

- If you engage with your followers on all of your social media accounts, then they are more likely to click that website link in your bio and check out your site. This traffic gives you an SEO boost.

- Also, if you think about it, social media platforms are almost like their own search engines these days. How many seniors go first to Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat to search for you before going to google? Also, Pinterest is a huge search tool for clients these days, and should not be neglected! 

7. Submit Your Work

- Submitting your work to senior photography blogs and magazines not only draws traffic from those sites to yours, but also the fact that you are getting backlinks from an established, high traffic site to yours gives your site legitimacy to Google.

- I submit my work to multiple different sites and magazines, not just one or two, to spread my backlinks around the internet! This also gets my work in front of people who might be an audience of one page over another.

Those are my SEO tips! I hope that you enjoyed this post!

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