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This post is the second installment from the Senior Shootout that my friend Beth Bevelhymer organized, along with Tavernier's Salon. Part One - featuring Alivia and her guitar - can be found here.

The crazy thing about the Shootout was when we got there we all had a feeling of trepidation. Trepidation about the storm that was looming over the horizon! The clouds were super dark and threatening, and we were a tad worried that the Shootout would be cancelled. :-( 

I only got 3-4 shots of the first model, Julia, when the storm kicked up and we had to jump into our cars to wait it out... After it finally broke, Kirsten was the first model I photographed. And her blonde curls caught the post-storm light just so... The light in these images truly is magical.  Enjoy!

Each girl had a designated prop she would work with during the shootout, and they switched a few times too... This cool wooden bottling crate, so perfectly vintage, was Kirsten's prop when I was working with her. I told her we needed to do something different with it, and asked her what everyone else had told her to do with it.... so this is my unique take on this prop: I said to her, "Imagine you are carrying some amazing produce/flowers/etc to a farmer's market in this crate..." I only wish we had a bushel of apples/wildflowers/milk bottles to put in it! LOL... 

And then there are the natural props that you don't bring with you, but are perfect nonetheless... 

So, what do you think? Perfect light??? That's what I thought. ;-)

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