Senior Shootout - The Elegant Julia and Vintage Bicycle - Dayton Senior Photographer

Well It's finally here! The final post about the Senior Shootout! I put this one last because I wanted to show the one with the least amount of images last...

The reason I have the least number of images of Julia is not because I didn't want to take more... It is because I had only taken a few full body/detail shots of her in the same position before giving the other photographers in my group a turn..... 

And then.... 

A HUGE storm blew in!  We had to wait it out in our cars... and after that I never got another chance to photograph Julia. :-( But the few I did capture I like a lot! She is elegant and classic looking, so how could I not??? I chose to give these images a slightly different - more vintage - look than the others. I even ADDED grain, which I normally don't do. I also converted one of them to black + white, because I wanted to show both here... LOVE. 

Enjoy these few shots of Julia, and see a quick group shot I snapped at the end.

I am sorry this series on the Shootout is over! Waaah! :*( hahaha! 


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