Senior Shootout - Gorgeous Alivia Playing Guitar - Dayton Senior Photographer

Recently I was invited to participate in a Senior Shootout - basically a shootout is a bunch of photographers getting together to photograph models in a styled photoshoot (the models have specific outfits, props, makeup, etc) and to talk to each other about techniques, shooting styles, etc. 

My friend Beth Bevelhymer, of Beth Bevelhymer Photography set the whole thing up. And she BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER. The styling, the choice of models, the location, everything was perfect. She worked so hard, and I am so thankful that she did. It was a fantastic time!

This is the first of several blog posts I will publish about the shootout. Stay tuned to see all of the lovely models - you will not want to miss any of them! 

The first model I am posting about today is Alivia - her sister Brooke will be one of the other models you will see on my blog this week. Their mom owns Tavernier's Salon - and all of the makeup, hair, and styling was produced by Tavernier's. Wonderful job!!! 

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