Senior Shootout - Beautiful Brooke in the Water - Dayton Ohio Senior Photographer

Now this portion of the Shootout was one of my favorites! Brooke is Alivia's sister, who I featured in this post. Brooke was my last model to work with for the night... And that's when things got impromptu. 

Cyrissa Carlson of Immerse Photography and I were paired up this time; working with Brooke, and first we walked through the woods and meadow area, then we ventured down to the edge of the water... 

Things were so peaceful and the light was fantastic! Brooke was keeping her pretty, white dress up out of the water - and we were shooting away... 

Then she slipped. 

Brooke's dress was now wet. At least the bottom portion of it was. Uh oh. 

Well....... we decided to just go with it since we couldn't UN-soak her dress. 

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results! Take a look... 

It was a blast working with you Cyrissa and Brooke!!!

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