Location Testing on Digital & Film

Location Testing with Digital and Film

My 2017 Senior Model Korrine works at the very same restaurant I where I worked when I was in high school... My family was celebrating my grandmother's 92nd birthday there when I saw Korrine working. Coincidentally, when we left and had my husband take a picture of the four generations of women in our family to mark the occasion, I noticed that there is both excellent light, as well as nice foliage right outside the restaurant! This got me thinking... Could I ever shoot a senior outside this restaurant, and in the neighboring parking lot? I had to test it out! 

I texted Korrine later and asked her if she would be up for a little location testing. She said yes even though I am sure she had her doubts when I told her where I wanted to shoot! ;-) I told her "trust me!" and she did! We also hit two other locations and honestly, I am surprised just how perfect these spots were in practice! You never know FOR SURE if a location will be good until you shoot it. I shot both medium format film as well as digital. I love how both the film and digital images turned out. I guess I have found some new locations to use! Score! ;-) 

See both the digital and film images below! Can you tell them apart?

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy high school schedule to help me Korrine! And for trusting my crazy ideas... ;-)

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