Fine Art Senior Portraits - Medium Format Film

I love film. Not movies, although I do also love movies, but film as in analog photography - aka non-digital. I realize that most of the millennial generation probably doesn't know what film is, but it's what I grew up using for all photography! Now, I still love film. It is different from digital, and it's hard to describe. It's almost magical in its aesthetic and also in the process of shooting film - and then waiting patiently for it to be developed and scanned! ;-)

The thing you need to know about film is this... When you use high quality film, and a professional lab, most of the final product is already finished when you receive your scans. With digital photography, you HAVE to edit your images to make them look good. Some might argue with me on this point, but trust me, if you are picky like me, you will have to edit them - and editing takes a while...

It is a dream and also a plan of mine to switch over to being a hybrid shooter. This means that I will shoot both film and digital on my sessions, and therefore have beautiful images that will blend together well, and I will spend less time on my computer. That is the least favorite part of my job. I love shooting, helping my senior girls look and feel their best, and ordering their beautiful custom photography products, but I HATE to sit at my computer for hours. So, here you have a little test of shooting film with one of my 2016 senior models. You'll see much more film soon!

 Senior Portraits for girls on medium format film

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Dayton, OH

I am a fine art senior portrait photographer in Dayton, Ohio. I capture the Art of Youth.