Dayton Senior Photography - Payton - Class of 2016


  1. Only 2% of the population has red hair.
  2. Only 1% of the population has both red hair & blue eyes.

This senior, Payton, is one of the 1%!

Payton is the daughter of my friend Tracy Malott, who owns Blush Boudoir studio in downtown Dayton. Tracy makes gorgeous pictures of women and has a passion for making them feel beautiful the way I take lovely images of teen girls and have a passion for making them feel beautiful! Payton is a gorgeous redhead - I cannot resist shooting redheads! She looks EXACTLY like her mom. I think she might be a clone ;-)... 

Payton had the most "interesting" session I have shot to date. The first 10 minutes we were shooting at the park, someone went to where my car was parked, shattered my driver's side window and stole my handbag. Very shocking. I have never had anything like that happen to me. It was scary, and I was so very thankful that the perpetrator did not come near us. So there we were, calling the police, then filling out statements and waiting for the officer to dust for fingerprints on my car... Such a waste of good light! Once we finished filling out our reports, we started shooting again while the officer took pictures and evidence. I wasn't about to waste the entire night!

You can see below that I was still able to get amazing shots of Payton even though the night could have been ruined. I am so thankful to God that it turned out well!

This awesome hot pink door is one of the front doors to Blush, Payton's mom's studio! Of course I had to get some shots of here there on the steps... So pretty!

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