Customizing Your WordSwag Images to Your Brand - Tutorial

Do you ever post promotional images on Instagram or Facebook that contain text? Have you found the amazingly easy and fun app WordSwag? If not, check it out right away, because it is one of the most simple and quick apps out there, with tons of options - for making the perfect text or text overlay images for social media!

I have been using WordSwag for a couple of years now, and I just realized recently that there is actually a very simple way to customize your backgrounds and text colors to match your exact branding colors! I used to get as close as possible by using the eyedropper tool that lets you drag a little sampling tool over a huge rainbow spectrum of color to approximate your desired shade, but NOW all I do is use the exact hexcode for my branding colors, and voila! Perfectly branded backgrounds and text! If you don't know how to find your hexcode for your branding, there are many ways to figure this out, but the easiest way is to either open your desired image that you use for your branding in a "color picker" tool from the app store. Then use the eyedropper tool to sample your desired color, and it will give you the hexcode.

Now that you know what a hexcode is and where to find it, let's get started on the step-by-step process of making a perfectly branded image in WordSwag!

WordSwag opening screen...

WordSwag opening screen...

This screen is what you see when you first open WordSwag. If you tap on the icon with the camera, you can take a picture with your iPhone camera right away and add text over it, and if you tap on the Polaroid photos icon, you are directed to a screen where you can either select from their sample background images, or use a photo from your camera roll. So, tap on that second icon!

WordSwag Background Image Selector

Step 1

Either select a background provided by WordSwag (you can see some examples above) or click on the button at the top right to choose an image from your phone. You can also search their Pixabay database for specifically themed images, but I haven't used those myself. For this tutorial, I selected a charcoal gray background shown above on the left.

Step 2

The next screen gives you the option to crop the background image to specific sizes for different applications. I always use the square cropping option, because I can then know exactly how this will look on my Instagram account page, after Instagram crops it to fit the square grid.

Steps 3 & 4

This is the next screen you will see after cropping. There are SO MANY text styles to choose from! For this example, I used "swift brush", and if you double tap on the text, you can edit it, type in your own custom text - or like I did here - use one of their built in quotes or phrases. When you tap on the different numbers 1-5 below the image, or the icon of the 2 dice, it changes the layout of the words. You can see how I edited mine by looking at the difference in the two images above.

Step 5

Now to change the color of the text to your custom branding color! Tap on the "color" icon, just below the image preview. See the eyedropper swatch all the way on the left in the image above left? Tap on that next. Now, the screen you see above center is what you will see next - tap on the # symbol on the right side. After you tap on the # symbol, the screen above right is what you will see. Simply either type or paste your hexcode - which should have 6 numbers and letters in it (hence the HEX in hexcode) and tap OK.

Using WordSwag to Match Your Branding

This is what you will have after performing those 5 steps!

Optional Steps

You can stop right here, or, as I did, you can tap on the little "invert" icon on the bottom right, and it will swap the background and text colors. (See below) Also, I decided that I wanted the charcoal gray color of the text to be a bit lighter, so I tapped on the "image" icon on the right side, and dragged the brightness slider to the right a tad. This applies brightness only to the text, which is affected instead of the background because I inverted it earlier.

Step 6

Now, tap on "SAVE" at the top right corner of the screen and it will automatically save to your camera roll. OR, you can additionally export straight to a social media app, or you can also "RE-SWAG", which is an optional step 7 that you can see below. This basically goes back to the previous screen, but adds a new layer of text on your image.

My final (re-swagged) image below! ;-)

WordSwag Tutorial

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